How to Prepare

At Beaver Creek Stables, our first priority is YOU, our guests!
In order to ensure you have the smoothest, most relaxing horseback riding experience on your vacation, here are a few tips on making sure you're prepared before you get here.


  • Age 7 and older welcome on the trail rides, due to the length of rides and developmental aspects.  Younger riders may ride our ponies at the stables.

  • Double-riding not allowed due to safety and comfort of the riders.

  • Weight limit of 230 lbs please, due to safety and comfort of the horses climbing steep hills. Thank you for understanding!

  • Helmets are expected to be worn by riders age 7-17 on the trail.  Adults may make the decision for themselves, although helmets are always recommended.  Helmets provided at stables.


Wear long pants and layers if you are coming early or late in the day. Enclosed shoes are required, no sandals.
Please wear a hat if you are not wearing a helmet as the sun in the Colorado Rockies is quite intense - remember, you're at a high altitude. Rain slickers without hoods are provided in the event of rain, which is frequent on afternoon rides. Please bring any additional rain gear you see fit, and a fleece or a sweatshirt if the weather report calls for it.


PLEASE APPLY SUNSCREEN PRIOR TO YOUR ARRIVAL. We have sunscreen available at the stables if you need more.


Please bring a water bottle with you to ensure against dehydration. Again, living at high altitudes means staying hydrated and well rested. If you do not have one, we have water and/or water bottles for sale at the stables.

Carrying Gear:

A tote bag will be provided to you upon your arrival so that you can carry any additional items you may need, your water, and extra clothing. Please leave any valueables or large bags at home.

Plan on arriving 20-30 minutes prior to your scheduled ride. This will give you time to check in, get you and/or the family ready as well as use the restrooms, take pictures and say hi to the horses.